let Your Brand With UNIQUE Packaging Designs

From design to mass production our international team manages the complete packaging process providing support to hundreds of jewelry retail brands. Through Bamoer Jewelry team extensive knowledge of design, production processes, equipment potential, and quality assured manufacturing we continue to give form to the brand experience from packaging to final product.

We presenting a hight quality collection of jewelry retail and jewelry packaging resulting from our collaborative process, wherein we include clients, agencies, and our international team to overseeing mass production at the highest levels. Bamoer Jewelry team supports each customer from packaging design to mass production, quality assurance, and logistics. We understand that every brand has its nuances, and processes, our goal is to be your unique touchpoint from design to manufacturing to distribution.

Through timeline management, logistics, and production process efficiencies, we can work with you to launch based on an agreed timeline, or present realistic packaging solutions for the needs of a specific program. Our holistic approach to design results in creative solutions beyond packaging, we apply our process to logistics, mass production, and retail distribution. In Bamoer Jewelry we work closely with our clients to deliver share-worthy moments that build brands through experiences and creating a physical connection to your brand.


Having designed many of our packaging manufacturing processes from the ground up, we are able to truly deliver within the manufacturing mindset, and value engineer mass production from the beginning of any project. The in-depth knowledge and understanding of retail business operations allow our team to deliver custom packaging design, addressing the needs and expectations of all users like:

  1. Jewelry packaging design
  2. E-commerce packaging design
  3. In-store jewelry branding

Our packaging design service can also include a sampling and prototyping service, as well as options for exploring materials and production techniques further, such as drawdowns, print trials, and product testing. Complete retail packaging programs can be customized operationally based on geography, shipping efficiency, and storage requirements.

Brands request us to come up with new ideas or challenge existing ones related to:

  • Reducing packaging costs
  • Reducing packaging waste
  • Proposing new materials and structures
  • Refreshing and rebranding existing collateral
  • Creating new collateral based on a new product

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Royi Sal Jewelry is able to offer the right packaging for any type of jewelry. No matter whether you’re a small or big brand, a start-up or a brand burdened with confusing global brand guidelines; our team is experienced at putting together a design presentation that provides the information and solutions you require. If you would like a quotation related to our jewelry packaging development, please contact us Via Our Contact Page